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Nov 2017

Alex joined The Pole Dance Community UK’s Online Grading Assessors


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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Alex Copley:

I once saw a photo of someone on a pole and thought “Wow! I need to try that!”

Alex Copley Online Grading AssessorI went to my first pole class back in 2009, fell in love straight away and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since! I went to University in 2010, became a qualified instructor and co-founded the University of Essex Pole Club in the following year.  When I finished University, I started my own school back in Romford, Essex – ‘Stages Pole Fitness’ and this has been growing year on year. This year we celebrated our 4th anniversary at our Annual Showcase & Awards Event, I now have a team of 6 instructors and a fabulous bunch of students – my pole family, who I love dearly and am prouder of than I can say.

The things I love most about pole are that it is for everyone and has such an incredibly supportive community. It gives you the freedom to express yourself, develop yourself and find genuine friends who you would entrust your life to (literally, if they’re spotting you!). I love teaching because, in my mind, there is no better feeling than seeing someone achieve their goals, overcome their fears, grow in strength and develop their confidence and all through something you have taught them.

Being an assessor is also very rewarding as it allows you to physically give someone a reward for all the time and effort they have put in – I was ecstatic to be chosen as an online assessor as it meant extending the privilege of grading to poler’s from all over the World.

Huge Pole Love! Alex 💋

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