July 2018 READ THE POLE DANCE COMMUNITY ARTICLE HERE 📚 [Quoted article below] “Do I need to submit a list of my 10 moves for my grading? Yes, assessors can’t always guess which move you are trying to do so either e-mail your list of 10 moves when you submit your grading, write them down for your instructor or overlay some text to your grading video to make it clear which moves you are executing. Can I submit my grading on a sleeved/Chinese Pole? No, we do ask that all PDC gradings are performed on a metal pole as the sleeved
Oct 2017 3rd Showcase Success! READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE 🏆 [Quotes from the article] “On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September, Stages Pole Fitness (SPF) opened its doors for its third annual showcase and awards evening, they decided once again to run the showcase for two nights, and invited over 140 guests to watch.” “For SPF, the award ceremony after the annual showcase is the perfect opportunity to highlight and recognise the dedication and achievements of the students throughout the previous year, and for them to show all their friends and family how much their hard work is valued.
Nov 2017 Alex joined The Pole Dance Community UK’s Online Grading Assessors READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE 😍 [Quote from article] PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Alex Copley: I once saw a photo of someone on a pole and thought “Wow! I need to try that!” I went to my first pole class back in 2009, fell in love straight away and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since! I went to University in 2010, became a qualified instructor and co-founded the University of Essex Pole Club in the following year.  When I finished University, I