Code of Conduct

Whilst attending pole fitness classes please adhere to the following rules which have been set out for your safety and happiness!


1. Turn up on time (15 minutes prior to your class)

2. Listen to instructors as pole can be a dangerous sport

3. Be respectful to your fellow students and instructors

4. Wear pole appropriate clothing to class

5. Encourage the progress of fellow students


1. Moisturiser: Please do not apply any type of moisturising lotion sooner than 12 hours before class, this will prevent you and your fellow polers from gripping and will make the poles slippery for months.

2. Jewellery: Please do not wear any hand or wrist jewellery as this will damage the poles and potentially cause injury to yourself & others. You may wear earrings and necklaces but these should be small so that they are unlikely to be caught – these are worn at your own risk.


What to wear?

Think comfortable & safe! We recommend:

1. Shorts (as these will allow you to grip with your legs)
2. Fitted t-shirt, vest top, sports bra
3. Barefoot is ideal
4. Please try to avoid low cut tops and baggy shorts.


If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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