To be taken seriously in any sport you need recognition for your hard work. The Pole Dance Community (PDC) Gradings are the perfect way to chart your progression, create new goals and promote pole fitness to your friends and family. There is a syllabus with six levels of pole fitness ability.

Alex (Instructor) has been a qualified grading examiner since 2013 and is one of only 3 online assessors in the UK.

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How do I grade?

1. Order a PDC grading booklet from PDC.

2. Take a look at the syllabus and choose 10 moves which you will be demonstrating (first individually and then within a short routine).

3. You may attend any of our grading sessions to practise and once your booklet has arrived, you may take your grading! You can take the levels in any order you wish, however we recommend you take the grading for at least one level below your current standard as the exams are physically challenging.

4. After you successfully complete a grading exam, Alex will sign your booklet and a copy of your score sheet will be sent to PDC where your name will be added to the list of graded dancers on the website.

How much does it cost?

• Your grading booklet will cost £30 (includes 1 year PDC membership)

• Each grading will cost £5 but your first grading is free!

• You will be required to pay £7 to contribute to studio hire

Where are the grading sessions held?

Grading sessions are held at Stages Pole Fitness studio in Romford.

When are the grading sessions held?

Check the class calendar or Facebook Events for more specific information.

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