Meet The Team


Alex has danced since the age of 5 and has tried all sorts of styles throughout the years – as a child her favourites were street dance and Irish soft shoe. Alex studied contemporary dance at A Level and discovered pole whilst still at college.  She fell in love straight away and after her first class said to her Mum (Gill) “I would give up every style of dance to do pole.”

She was hooked and continued to learn for 2 years before taking a instructor course and becoming a PDC (Pole Dance Community) approved instructor in 2011. She co-founded the pole club at The University of Essex and taught there whilst studying her Psychology for a further 2 years, the Essex Pole Dance Club now has several National Championship wins under it’s belt and is still a highly successful club to this day. On returning home Alex started the class through Stages Performers Academy in September 2013, Stages Pole Fitness was born and has been very successful in the years since. She is also an AAP Approved Grading Assessor.​


Megan has been poling since 2012 and has been an instructor at SPF since December 2013 and she brings a lot of fun, enthusiasm and passion to the team. She and Alex have been doubles partners since 2014 and they have performed pole doubles routines in each annual showcase since 2014, Meg has performed solos in these shows.

Megan & Alex have taken part in Lincolnshire Pole Championships (Feb 2018) and Pole Sports UK (Sept 2018), they have placed in both of these national pole competitions. Each year our instructors take charge of managing some of the extra activities – these give our students opportunities to experience more within the pole community and get to know each other outside class. Meg has done a fantastic job of organising some class socials such as Jump Evolution and picnic in the park.


Gill is Alex’s Mum and our ‘Queen of Admin’ (formerly known as our ‘Creative Director’). She has been voluntarily supporting the school since August 2014, taking an active role in the administration and organisation of the ‘class extras’ such as uniform, gradings and finances.

Gill always comes to class in order to keep track of our class progress sheets, add students into our group chats, give students information about upcoming events and provide pole chalk when students run out! Gill is a mum to the whole group, she’s our ‘Pole Mum’ and she gives up lots of her time to ensure things run smoothly and nothing is missed. Gill maintains a close working relationship with our pole suppliers Pole Dance Heaven and frequently goes out of her way to pick up new equipment for classes and students alike.



Claire joined us on our first ever class at SPF on 23rd September 2013 and has become an incredibly important part of our pole family. Claire is bubbly and fun as well as focussed and hard working, she has four jobs! Her own face painting business, swimming teaching, lifeguarding and pole instructing. Claire has a background in theatre and she often brings this dynamic performance aspect into her showcase and class routines.

Claire has performed in all our showcases to date and has done an incredible job of being in charge of organising our themed classes (2017) and our professional photoshoots (2018).


If you still have unanswered questions – please feel free to drop us a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Pole Love,

Stages Pole Fitness Team x